All USMA members are willing partners to the UN Global Compact for Sustainable Development and the association monitors sustainability in all operations undertaken by the fraternity of the sugar industry in Uganda.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Sugar Industry continues to promote and support humanitarian causes by providing assistance to the vulnerable and needs persons and/or communities in the vicinity of the established businesses. The industry is socially responsibly for more than one million Ugandans.

Research and Development

There is extensive research and development being undertaken by the sugar industry; all aiming at four fundamental benefits [Sucrose content, Fibres, varities that withstand the chnging climatic conditions and varieties that mature in less than 18 months.

Resilience during Covid-19

The sugar industry was also hindered by covid-19 pandemic. To overcome the negative and adverse effects of the pandemic, the respective companies and traders established robust and effective task forces at company level, which were fundamental in developing measures to address the spread of the virus.

Environment and Climate Change

The factory gate price of sugar in local currency in 2014 remained relatively stable from March to July, but slightly dropped from Aug to Oct, due to inflationary forces plus unavailability of an export market due to political unrest in Congo and South Sudan, couped with Kenya’s continued refusal to allow sugar from Uganda to enter the Kenyan market. The import parity price of international sugar and the volatility of the US$ have all contributed to the price of domestic sugar.