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2014 has been a year of mixed fortunes for the local sugar industry. Local sugar production has been reasonably well with a 27% increase in volume on 2013. Disappointingly however, sugar prices remained low for the entire 2014 if the prices are to be compared to those of 2013. The world prices also witnessed sugar surplus in 2014 leading to drop in prices from an annual average of USD 488.05 in 2013 to USD 444.81 per tonne for 2014. Similarly sugar prices in Uganda dropped from UGX 130,400 in Jan. to 105,500 per 50 Kg bag by Dec. 2014. This led to a slowdown in both operations and numerous expansion programs being carried out by factories plus loss of income to millers, out-growers and Government in form of revenue. On the production side, for the second year running, Uganda has joined a few other African sugar surplus countries. Sugar Production in 2014 increased to 438,360 MT compared to 360,040 MT produced in 2013. The sugar sector is again forecasting a further increase in production to 508,500 MT during the year 2015 against Ugandaís projected consumption of around 360,000 MT hence projecting 148,500 MT as surplus sugar for the year 2015.