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Industrial Area, Kampala
P.O. Box 33479, Kampala.
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  1. Interchange of scientific knowledge, discuss and investigate technical problems related to the production of sugar.
  2. Improvement in the accuracy and standardization of methods of factory chemical control.
  3. Encourage and assist in the improvement of the technical knowledge of persons engaged in the Ugandan Sugar Industry.
  4. Promote research into all aspects of sugarcane agriculture, sugar milling practice, by-product development, and any other field as the Association may consider fit.
  5. Increase efficiency and reduce costs of production of sugar and related products.
  6. Minimize undesirable effects wherever possible of sugar production on the environment and to promote sound husbandry.
  7. Promote the highest level of performance in occupational Health and Safety and in Environmental issues in connection with the industry.
  8. Focus on the commercial and legislative aspects of the sugar industry to stimulate sustainable production for the benefit of all stake holders of the industry.